10 Tips for Moving With Kids

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#1. Have a Family Meeting

Make this an open forum and explain why you've made the decision to move. Discuss why you're excited for this new adventure and how it will benefit your family. Prepare the children for what to expect and allow them to express their questions and concerns. 

#2. House Hunt as a Family

If logistics allow, take your children with you when you tour potential homes and if the search is primarily happening online, be sure to bookmark your favorites 

#3. Give them some say in their room

Whether it be paint colors, furniture arrangement, or artwork on the wall. Kids enjoy any control you’re willing to give them.

#4. Time your move (if possible)

If circumstances allow you to time the move according to YOUR schedule, try to plan it for a relatively “quiet” time of year. Maybe when the children are out of school? Or after any other major life events (vacations, potty training, etc.) have taken place.

#5. Tour the new location

Become familiar with your new town or city. Keep a list of places you want to go, restaurants to try, parks to visit, etc. this will help you to build and maintain excitement for your children.

#6. Have them help you pack & purge

Children who are old enough should be encouraged to help you pack. Give them a say in what gets packed and what doesn’t. Make them a part of the process.

#7. Throw a going away party.

Give kids the chance to say goodbye to friends, family, and neighbors in a FUN and meaningful way. Host a party they won’t soon forget.

#8. Say goodbye in a special way

Whether it’s a special dinner where you share your favorite memories, or a custom book of photos from the house, do something worthy of remembering.

#9. Make the new place feel like home

Without feeling rushed to unpack, be sure to make it a priority to hang and set out some of your children’s favorite items. Familiar things will help make the house feel like a home, YOUR home – for both you and the kids.

10. Celebrate!

Once you’re moved into the new home, be sure to make it an occasion! Let your kids pick a special restaurant or activity to celebrate their role in your move AND to toast the beginning of new adventures.